3rd time may not be a charm, but it’s happening anyway, damn it (alternate title: Online Redemption: the Emily T***** story)

After multiple attempts in the past, some more successful than others, I have decided that it is time to return to blogging. I’m hoping this one will be different. Xanga was fun, years ago, but if I were able to look back at some of the entries I posted there, I’d probably have to avoid you all in embarrassment for a bit. I’m fairly certain that a good chunk of those entries would invoke the kind of shame and regret that I haven’t felt since that birthday when Amy found my diary and began reading aloud from it to the guests of my slumber party. The same could be said about the short-lived blog I started a couple of years ago that was just a melody and emo haircut away from being a particularly awful Dashboard Confessional song. And though blogs are nice because (in theory) it’s your little space of the online world, where you can rant and rave if you want to, I intend to be slightly more cautious with what I put on here. It’s not that I intend to keep secrets, or that I’m going to go over this beast with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is spelled correctly and makes sense. There are just some things that the online world doesn’t need or want to hear. Specifically, free verse poetry about sunrises, or what particular song from Once made me break down and cry that day (both of which HAVE been feature stories in previous blogs).

I was going to write more, but I am incredibly lazy. Also, I have so much less motivation on Mondays when Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday. So, in lieu of a full length blog entry, here are a few sites that both entertain me and make me wish I was funny & clever:

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