Mike and I saw Predators this weekend. It was….well. There were lasers and monsters and a samurai sword fight, oh my! I’m not sure what I expected, actually. I’d never seen any of the other Predator, Aliens vs. Predators, Predators on Ice things before, so I wasn’t sure what the whole franchise was all about. It was one of the first times in long while that I’ve turned to the person next to me at the end of a movie and said, “What the fuck?!”
I had just figured it would be better than the typical Predator things because of Adrian Brody and Topher Grace, who aren’t your typical alien/monster/horror movie actors. I couldn’t help but be distracted by Adrian Brody’s lower than usual voice, of the “I’m Batman” in the Halloween episode of Community persuasion. Dude. You’re totally buffed up for this role, you’re carrying some pretty impressive weapons, and you’re in Predators. We get it. You’re a bad ass. Now can you please speak in a normal tone of voice? But hey, if you like lasers and aliens and dramatic grass blowing flat in a field during a samurai sword fight between an 8 fingered member of the Yakuza and a freaking alien, then by all means….enjoy. (Any time the Yakuza come up, it makes me think of a random choose your own adventure book in which, no matter what path I chose, I ALWAYS ended up getting killed by a Japanese mob.)
Also, in theme with this entry, I randomly find it incredibly intimidating to walk the short distance from my car to my apartment at night. I know I’ve been in St. Louis long enough that I should be a little less skittish, but I just can’t shake the feeling sometimes that something will happen to me. I’ve never lived in the best of neighborhoods. I’ve typically lived alone, but it’s almost worse to live with someone who works overnight. How long would it be before someone knew that something happened? I try to reason with myself that I’m alert, that I’m observant, that I wouldn’t get myself into a bad situation. But the fact remains that two different times in the past 6 months, a female has gotten attacked on campus literally while I’ve been on campus. A Washington University student was attacked in her apartment’s basement laundry area last year a block north of the Loop, in a building with the same set up as ours- laundry room in the basement, basement only accessible by a door outside of the building. I don’t want to be the kind of person who lives in fear. I feel safe most of the time. But there are definitely times, at night, or when I’m going down to get a load of laundry by myself, that I feel very much like a scared small town girl. Again, I’m cautious, I’m aware of my surroundings. But I’m small, and I’m not fast, and I’m weak….and sometimes when I walk from school to my car, or from my car to my apartment, I feel like there’s a hunt and I’m the prey.


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