*Went to see what just may turn out to be our wedding and reception site
*Almost got hit by a golf ball at aforementioned site
*Got invited to a stranger’s family reunion while checking out a potential reception venue
*Sneaked into a locked chapel at Eden Seminary with Mike & his parents after his dad jimmied the lock.
.*Battled a mosquito in my car, which is one of the worst possible places for a mosquito to appear. It got me twice, but I triumphed in the end.
*Ate Dickey’s BBQ and didn’t end up coated in sauce for once.
*Heard a story about autoerotic asphyxiation that ended horribly. (Really, you say? Because that usually plays out so well.)
*Heard not one, but two references to the Human Centipede. Agh.
*Played a game I didn’t hate, which is unusual, but learned just how difficult it is to build an ocean liner or dam out of legos.

It’s funny how some days can start out so innocently and take a turn for the bizarre.


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