Thank you for being slightly odd

I got home from work today and started looking at random things online. There had been a video I’d come across while doing some random totally non-work related internet surfing at work today, and I made a mental note to find it when I got home so I could actually watch it. My memory is sketchy at best, so I couldn’t remember what website the video was on or even what it pertained to. Lucky for me, I was bored enough that I ended up going to most of the same websites from today anyway, and lo and behold….there it was. The long awaited video I wanted to make sure to watch: a video tour of Rue McClanahan’s apartment. There’s even a secret door to a hidden bathroom- something I’ve always wanted. Yes, I know that’s weird. But no weirder than wanting to watch a video walk through of a deceased Golden Girl’s prior home. I need a better hobby.


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