Various things at which I excel

*Reading quickly
*Paying bills on time
*Texting whilst driving
*Looking at or saying a word too many times to the point of thinking it is either spelled incorrectly or not an actual word (See: excel, exaggerated, diarrhea)
*Making a tasty sno-cone (given the proper materials)
*Being photographed with a really awkward and exaggerated facial expression
*Remaining physically intact and relatively unharmed (no broken bones yet, y’all!)
*Getting my friends to use y’all more frequently? (The jury is still out on this one)
*Overusing specific words, phrases, expressions, etc (See: for funsies, for real, Cheers- pronounced “Chee-ahs”, harf arfa, chim, what up, and one that I can’t remember that Heather always calls me out on)
*Getting diarrhea in public
*Remembering really specific things from episodes of tv shows that I like, despite being unable to retain any other type of trivia
*Imitating the chocobo from Final Fantasy
*Beating Mike at Puzzle Fighter


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