Thank God I’m Engaged

If I were single, the number of times that I bring up cats would be even more depressing than it already is.

Mike & I were talking this morning, and decided that we should record a rap album, but we’ll only rap about things that we know. Our first song will be titled “I Got 99 Problems, & At Least 97 Of Them Involve Cats”. It’s not funny unless you imagine Jay-Z saying it. And even then it isn’t necessarily funny, but when I’m still groggy from waking up, it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard. That probably speaks volumes about the quality of my life and my sense of humor.

Also, I totally posted this cat PSA on facebook already, but I’m putting it here again, as this seems to be my cat post. TGIF, motherf*ckers!


One thought on “Thank God I’m Engaged

  1. I would love to hear Jay-Z rap that, even though I hate Jay-Z.Speaking of Jay-Z and that song, a friend of mine posted this on Facebook a while back and I thought it was damn funny (and apropos):"I have acquired 4 score and 19 difficulites, but a wench cannot be counted among them."Also – yay your blog!

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