I lack motherly instincts

I think there may be something wrong with me in that I tend to have much more sympathy and warm fuzzy feelings toward animals than toward people. Nothing romantic, y’all, strictly platonic. When those awful tv shows that play videos of various injuries, more often than not, I’m rooting for the bull. Those damned Sarah McLachlan commercials made me cry, and resulted in me convincing Dan to join me in signing up for monthly donations to the ASPCA. I’ve passed car accidents and not thought much of it, but bawled like a sissy years ago when I hit a rabbit with my car….and then again last year when I hit a fox. 

The Captain has been sneezing since this weekend. Not just a few here and there, but really intense bouts of sneezing throughout the day. I called the vet, and they told me that as long as she’s eating and drinking and sleeping, and isn’t all squinty-eyed and mucus-y, there’s really not anything I can do. Other than the sneezing and a very sudden turn to extreme neediness, she seems ok. I’ve been coddling her all week; running Eddie off when he’s being a douche, moving her favorite chair and pillow into the hall overnight (access to the living room is blocked when we’re not in there to reduce the risk of couch peeing), spending literally hours with her on my lap every day.
I get annoyed when people around me are obviously sick. I don’t know why there’s such a huge divide there. It isn’t just related to strangers; I have little to no sympathy for family members being sick. To be fair, I also don’t expect them to care when I’m under the weather. I like indifference to be a two-way street.
I’m kind of a jerk.

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