TGIF, motherf*ckers

I have not yet made that cake. I did, however, start a small but still startling kitchen fire.

Mike and I have determined that pretty much the worst thing that either of us can do to one another, even worse than drinking the last soda in the fridge or texting when the other one is asleep, is starting to sing “Brand New Key”. It just gets lodged in our brains, and we cringe every time that HP commercial comes on, because we know we’ll both be singing the song for hours. We don’t even know most of the song, just the “I got a brand new pair of rollerskates, you got a brand new key” line, but that’s really the worst part of the whole song, anyway.  Mike thinks it would be funny to karaoke to that song, just to annoy people. I ….have not yet reached a conclusion on that.

EDIT: I realized today that many of the times that I mean to be silly and funny, it doesn’t come across that way at all and just ends up sounding mean and unintentionally snarky. I sometimes forget that, and I want to be better about thinking about how my words sound before I put them out there to potentially hurt someone’s feelings. If I actually felt badly toward someone I know, I wouldn’t put it here. This was truly intended to just be for laughs. I do apologize to anyone I’ve offended.


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