Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Looking at wedding blogs and wedding photographer portfolios can be really depressing when you’re on a budget (and lazy), but here are some things I’m really liking:

This bouquet- the succulents, the greenery- ah! Love it

But this one is quite pretty, too.

I love these puffy paper lanterns. Pretty sure our venue doesn’t let you hang anything from the ceilings, but they are still quite cute.

We’re trying not to spend an arm & a leg on photography, so our photographer won’t be there during getting ready time, but I do love the hanging dress pictures.

I think the last name hangers are cute, but “Mrs. Podgorski” is a bit much for bended wire. Maybe Mike takes my last name instead?

I like parasols.

Especially this one.

A touch of personality

Om nom

We’re not doing big centerpieces. The place provides a hurricane candle thing with a mirrored tile, and we’ll either get some simple greenery to put around the base & add a few votive candles around it, or add something small like this


4 thoughts on “Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  1. Thanks, Debbie! That's really sweet to offer. I hadn't thought about the dress pic another day thing, though, I'll probably just end up doing that (Thanks, Janae!) That's really the only one of the pre-dressed variety that I really cared about. Robyn- I can't wait!- mostly for the planning to be over, but I suppose it'll be a fun day, as well 😉

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