School + Snow

“If I run across any moderately weighted whores in my travels, I’ll let you know.” -my favorite quote from today’s rerun of Gilmore Girls. Yes, I watch Gilmore Girls when I get home from classes.

It annoys me when people are rude in class. Maybe it’s just because I am, by far, the oldest student in most of my classes, and I think people should respect their elders. Darn whippersnappers.
It’s just obnoxious when someone spends most of class talking, then bitches about having to do a little exercise at the end of class because they don’t understand. We JUST went over the equations. They are simple. Simple enough for me to refer to them as ‘simple’. AND they’re right there in the slides. You know, the slides that the professor suggested we print out for ourselves for reference. And if you didn’t print them out, that’s fine. They were JUST up on the screen when the professor went over them. So maybe, in the future, pay attention during lecture and you’ll know what to do. Additionally, consider that maybe it isn’t the equation that is “stupid and pointless” when you can’t figure it out.

Due to a string of odd circumstances involving snow days and car issues, today was only the second day I had one of my classes. He already had all of our names memorized. He also remembered most of our majors. It was disconcerting.

I’m particularly anti-hipster today. I’m not sure why, other than one of the girls who happens to be in two of the same classes with me this semester. She annoys me.

I keep forgetting my age. Cindy said something about it, and I actually couldn’t remember how old I was. I had to do the math. Even since that, I continue to think I’m a year older than I am. Not because I’m mature for my age (because I’m not), but possibly because I’m looking haggard (which I am). I found a completely white eyebrow hair on myself the other day. It was creepy.

This snow/ice combo freaks me out. I’m used to stepping onto snow and my foot sinking in. I’m not used to stepping onto snow and just sort of skating over the top. I’m also not used to the roads being mostly ok to drive in, but being sort of snow plowed into my parking spot. I had to have Mike get my car over the snow bump into the road to I could go to school. Mech.


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