Textually Active

Random things on the topic of texting:

1) I have to keep my phone with me at all times now, since Scott hijacked it to send such gems as “Ooh, you are so sexy”, “I’ll send you some pictures. Sexy pictures” to Mike, “Are you wearing underwear?” to Heather, and “Look at me, I’m hot” to Aaron.

2) Unfortunately for Mike, my texts to him last night were barely decipherable, at best. A brief breakdown from my history:

12:30 am: Inmost MLB O
1:47 am: Timmy @ Stevie showed up at the griuphy rioim
2:21 am: Bach at Jelly’s
2:23 am: Just for home!
2:23 am: Safety!
3:00 am: I love touu’

3) I also realized when I went to text Robyn that there was an unsent message that said, simply, “Gorfle”. So there’s that.

Gorfle to you all!


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