Things (and whatnot)

Recent things:

*Spotted: totally blind man navigating an escalator like a pro. I was nervous for him the entire ride.

*Weirdest fruit related exchange:

“Is that a banana in your purse, or are you just happy to see me?”
“It’s a banana.”
“Carry on, then.”

*Mike and I went to the Blues game last week. I had purchased really good seats through a half-price Groupon awhile back. The game was supposed to happen on the day we had that really bad ice storm, and it was rescheduled for the 22nd, which is also Mike’s birthday. It worked out well. I don’t follow the games on tv, but I really love going to hockey games. If I could someday acquire season tickets to the Blues games, I would be a very happy girl.

*Mike’s parents met my mom and Ron. It went surprisingly well. I was nervous that it would be awkward, because I’m a paranoid worry-wart, but everyone seemed to get along quite well. Score! I was also nervous that Ron would wear these awful shoes that he usually wears, which are sneakers with a bizarre spring heel. Lucky for me, he left his go-go-Gadget shoes at home.

*My mom and Mike’s mom found dresses to wear to the wedding. My mom’s chest situation is….interesting.

*I have an appointment next week to meet with a florist. Mike’s mom is going with me, which is awesome, because I never deal with florists and fear that I would get in a cost-related panic and just end up with carnations and baby’s breath everywhere. Classy!

*The coordinator at our wedding and reception site won’t return Mike’s calls or emails. Lovely.

*I can’t stop playing Tiny Wings on my iPhone. It’s borderline obsessive.

*I spent over an hour walking in Forest Park yesterday. I forgot how nice it is to be outside for awhile, just me and some music in my headphones. I offer my most sincere apologies to anyone who had to see my butt in exercise pants. I thought my t-shirt was long enough to cover that disaster, but it kept riding up as I walked. I don’t think any of us anticipated how much different it would look in those pants than in jeans. Check back with it later; it hopes that through some hard work and time, it can redeem itself and right yesterday’s visual wrongs.

*Yesterday I heard the words “absinthe party” and “Mardi Gras” uttered in the same sentence. I felt both old and vaguely nauseated.

*Cindy is having her baby this month. I feel bad, because I’m not as excited as I feel that I should be. This is the fourth nephew from the same sister, so it feels more “oh, ok” than “yay!!”. Instead, I’m just worried that she’s going to breastfeed in front of people at my wedding shower (very real risk/concern), or that he’ll manage to spit up on me at some point on the actual wedding day. I need to get out of bridezilla mode and put on my aunt face.

*I commented recently to Mike that we need to make sure to not waste money by getting something to go in our extra aquarium (the one that emptied out after our vicious, fish-eating frogs passed away). Mike promptly decided that we should get a lizard, and not just any lizard, the biggest lizard that can live in that aquarium. I think if I don’t bring it up again, I may just end up dodging the lizard bullet. That was an unsettling sentence to type. “Dodging the lizard bullet” seems like it should mean something. Work on that, world.
*Mike and I now have a dry erase board calendar that serves as our chore chart. You know, like we’re children, and otherwise we would just let things go and wallow in our own filth. Actually, that last part is true. Yay, chore chart?


One thought on “Things (and whatnot)

  1. I'm totally a fair-weather Blues fan. I used to go to tons of games when we were really good. Lately I've only been going when Sean gets free tickets. But you're right, it is a fun night out.I should totally get a dry erase chore chart for my house. I'd write a bunch of chores on it and then sit around and wait for my roomate (the helpful ghost) to finish all the chores.I also like how you described your mom's boob situation as "interesting".

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