Guilty pleasures & shame

**I haven’t really embedded any videos in here before, so I have no idea how to alter the size. Sorry, rest of the home page**

I feel like I shouldn’t like this, or at least shouldn’t like it as much as I do. By “it”, I mean both the video and the song. You’d be amazed how many times I’ve played it and danced around whilst cleaning in my apartment. Well, maybe you wouldn’t. And let me tell you, folks…this dancing? Magical. Well, when I say “magical”, I mean that if someone were to see me, I’d be incredibly embarrassed. Picture it. Are you picturing it? Good. Now multiply the awkward by at least 10, possibly more, depending on your prior level of experience with my “dancing like nobody’s watching” moves. Yay for blinds!

In the past week, I have decided on two separate occasions that Cool Ranch Doritos were an acceptable substitute for an actual meal. The same can be said for 1/2 a sleeve (or more, honestly) of Thin Mint cookies.

When I really like a song, I’m capable of putting it on repeat and just listening to it time and time again. It may not sound all that weird, listening to a song a lot when you like it. But I seriously listened to this song four times back to back today:

I just sent in an email to a pet grooming place to see how much it would cost to have both of our cats groomed. It’s not just that I’m lazy. Eddie took a full on crap while Mike and I tried to bathe him awhile back….just a huge, scratching, yowling cat pooping a solid log in our bath tub. I’m not keen to do that again. And no, you really shouldn’t have to give cats a bath, but ours are so fat and lazy that they’ve stopped grooming themselves altogether. It’s disgusting.

Anyone remember when this happened? Weird.


That’s enough randomness for now. I have some truly awful dancing to get back to.


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