Odds & Ends

Mike and I did a bit of registering at Bed Bath & Beyond last night. I hated every single moment of it. At Create & Barrel, they just give you a catalog and list of things you “should” register for, show you how to work the scanner, and send you on your merry way. At Bed Bath & Beyond, they have someone who is seriously paid to help you register. The. Whole. Time.
We’re looking over various kitchen things. She’s chiming in. We’re trying to choose a duvet cover and sheets. She’s there, leaning over our shoulders, weighing in. I know she means well, and that’s what she’s paid to do, but….but. That is all. Just but.
I’m a really indecisive person. I want to touch every single sheet display at least 8 times, then narrow it down bit by bit and touch each of those about 20 more times. Then I want to ask Mike what he thinks about a million times before committing to even the vaguest bit of a pre-opinion. I want to drag out various sheet colors and hold them up against 5 different duvet covers to see what I like together, then drag it all over to the curtains section and space it all out like it would be in a room. I may even want to meander through the decor section, pull out a couple of mirrors and wall hangings, and stage a creepy little room display, all before choosing literally none of these things, just because I am picky and indecisive and like to mull things over. You can’t really do that when you’re on a guided registering tour.
I didn’t want to just say, ‘DUDE. LEAVE.’ because I try not to be openly rude to people’s faces. I tried the wishy-washy, “Oh, we’re really indecisive- if you have anything else to do, go for it and we can come grab you when we have questions.” Nope. No dice. “Oh, I have nothing else to do!” she chirps. “This is what they pay me for!”
So. In conclusion of that: we felt incredibly pressured, put a ton of things on that list that we’re going to take off as soon as we sit down and look through it online, and I hope no one is buying presents yet because things will change in the next few days. Seriously, we’re registered for at least three different duvet covers. And one curtain each of two different styles. Also a curly fry cutter, and possibly a Shake Weight. She scanned, on her own accord, essentially every stainless steel serving/slotted spoon and spatula that exists. We just started scanning various things in a panic, vowing to come back in some time and not tell them we’re registering, just so we can make a list of what we want and update it back at home. It was unnecessarily stressful. Bed Bath & Beyond shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a happy place of bedding, and comfy bath stuff, and I think all we got was “beyond”.
Mike has chosen his wedding band, we just need to go in and order it. I’m fairly certain that he’s going to start wearing it in secret as soon as it is in our possession. He’s already eluded to that being a possibility. He’s a bit of a lady. I’m ok with it, though. He’s MY lady.
And, in closing, this:


4 thoughts on “Odds & Ends

  1. Wow I would have hated every. single. minute of that! I hate debating opinions in front of workers, even if it is just friendly, do you like this or that debating. I totally would have done the same thing! Also I think you should keep the curly fry cutter…or take it off and just go to Arby's a lot!

  2. Okay, so I creepily just caught up with the last 6 months of your blog.. My summary is such- You have some weird conversations, even if you're talking to a half sleeping person.- You like circles, and want things that hang at your wedding. – You listen to a lot of music that I'm unfamiliar with.- Apparently the Mumford and Sons presale sold out within minutes today. (I found out from my twitter feed)- Given enough time, our men can figure out a way to hack/steal anything from the internet- you read a heck of a lot more than I do. But I let my tax dollars work for me by using the public library. Most have some policy for ebook readers also.- I use Dogtowne Groomers on Tamm for my dogs. I'm not sure if they do cats also, but are very friendly even when my dogs potty on their shoes. (also cheaper than Petsmart)- Amazon does wish lists and registry's now. It's great for those odd things you want that aren't in the few stores you typically register at. Great for "boy" items for registry. Keep in mind, Amazon will create a link to any other sale website.- There are no less than 9 Emily Tucker's registered at BB&B. Maybe I can find something more interesting from another's registry.- If I buy you a "cupcake carrier", I fully expect you to carry cupcakes to me at least once.

  3. it's not just you… they're like that with everyone. luckily our sales rep didn't shadow us the whole time. we were able to get rid of her but only after an hour of her explaining (and demonstrating that china does not break when you slam it against the metal case – yeah she did that) things.we ended up doing about the same thing you did – taking stuff off after the fact. i'm sorry you had such a bad experience!!i'm excited for your wedding day, though 🙂

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