39 days!

I can’t believe how quickly the big day is coming up. I feel like a bad bride; I think I just sort of lost track of time for the last month or so and lost that momentum/excitement I had built up previously. I blame finals?
Invitations FINALLY went out- definitely later than intended. I’m really hoping there wasn’t anyone on the list that got missed. We compiled a list with Mike’s mom, she printed our stuff, we stuffed envelopes….but we didn’t really do a thorough review of them once stuffed in comparison to the original list. Fingers crossed?
TheKnot.com likes to taunt me with the things I have not yet accomplished. Apparently I have 69 tasks (hey-o) for 39 days. This keeps freaking me out when I log in, until I remember that they include things like “Set your alarm and a backup!” and “Don’t forget to smile and enjoy the rehearsal dinner!”
Mike’s sister hosted a shower for me this past Sunday, which was incredibly sweet & thoughtful of her. Showers make me uncomfortable in general, but this was infinitely easier than I anticipated. I’m just not a fan of being the center of attention like that, add to that the guilt factor of people spending money on me. I don’t think I’ll get used to that through this process, either. Everyone was so generous, and it was really nice for me to get to celebrate with a couple of friends, my mom & Cindy, and future family. The “welcome to the family” notes made me feel a warm and fuzzy feeling that I thought I was immune to.
I very much enjoyed that most of the stories told were embarrassing to other people and not myself: who drinks the most, which cousin has a crush on which uncle (from Mike’s other side of the family- it’s not gross), who wore what embarrassing ensemble for Halloween. My mom has a talent for combining stories incorrectly, but at least Cindy was there to help sort her out.
Through this whole process, I am just consistently amazed by how kind and generous and thoughtful everyone is to Mike & me. I’ve had so much help with making decisions, looking at dresses, doing invitations, driving me around to places, planning things for me, and just listening to me when I need to vent/work things out….I’m just a very lucky woman with an amazing set of friends and family. I’m looking forward to getting to celebrate with everyone.

P.S. I still can’t get Mike to stop wearing his wedding ring. I’d hide it, but it’s surprising how happy it makes him to put it on when he gets home from work. And I suppose if the worst problem we have is that my future husband wants to wear his wedding ring early, well…I think we’re pretty lucky.

P.P.S. Thanks to everyone I regularly interact with for being patient with me and my constant wedding talk. I promise to get back to normal conversation topics…just as soon as we get back from Jamaica.


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