Futures and frustrations

First: I have no idea what I want to do with my life, career-wise. I feel like I should be more concerned about that, but I’m just not at all focused on that area of life at the moment. I have three more classes until I’m done with undergrad, so at the end of December I will have a degree in business administration with a focus in finance. I have no clue what I want/should do with that, though. There just isn’t a certain job type/field that I see myself in or am even that interested in. I just want a fairly basic job that pays decently and doesn’t put me in a customer service position. I’m not at all particular on what I do for that job. I feel like I should start figuring that out and get things lined up for post-graduation, but I really just want to enjoy this summer and not take on anything big.

Second: I have office issues. I know that I’m in the accounting department and this is somewhat unavoidable, but I really detest having a desk next to the accounts receivables desk in a property management group. There are few things that make me as uncomfortable as hearing someone who is behind on their rent offer up excuses and be berated about payment plans and threats of being sent to our attorney. It’s awkward, and makes me feel uneasy to the point of going to other areas of the building until the tenant is gone. I hate hearing conflict, even when it doesn’t have anything to do with me, and at times it makes me feel physically ill. It’s like how I have to leave the room or mute the tv sometimes during episodes of the Office when Michael Scott is being particularly awkward, except that it’s real life and I can’t just mute it.

Third: my spelling and grammar are not always perfect. I know I miss typos sometimes and don’t always use proper punctuation or sentence structure. That said, glaring grammatical erros annoy me to no end. My biggest pet peeve? People who actually have some education, yet speak like country bumpkins. “Ain’t” has no place in a professional business setting. Please don’t say “don’t” when you should say “doesn’t”, or “no” when you should say “any”. Wear longer shirts or tuck them in; I shouldn’t see your tramp stamp literally every day. Ok, that one has nothing to do with verbal communications, but it’s the same person. I think a big part of my frustration is that this person is nice enough and has their degree, which makes me less tolerant overall. I feel like someone with a college education should be able to communicate fairly intelligently in a professional business setting. I’m not asking for perfection; I make plenty of mistakes myself. But can we please agree to at least try not to sound stupid if we aren’t actually stupid?


2 thoughts on “Futures and frustrations

  1. The Office episode where Micheal and Jan throw a dinner party was on the other day and it is one of the most hideously uncomfortable to watch episodes EVER!!! I just thought of that at the mention of The Office…not that it really has anything to do with your post…I'm out.

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