Mike’s sister Laura hosted a shower for me on the 15th. My sisters and bridesmaids threw a shower for me this past Saturday, and we went out for my bachelorette party afterward. I still can’t get used to this whole people giving me presents just because I’m lucky enough to be getting married to my best friend thing. I had such a good time at both showers and had so much fun at my bachelorette party. Mike and I continue to be simply overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity, between gifts and time spent and planning and just being helpful and supportive and loving. We received stacks and stacks of presents, some from the registry, some surprises, and some beautiful homemade gifts- far more than we anticipated. Everything was thoughtful and wonderful, but I’m still blown away by the quilt Cayce made for me. I’m not at all crafty and can’t sew to save my life, so I’m always impressed with people who can and do. I love it, and it’s on my bed now (pictures to come).
I also received a quilt that my grandmother had made for me. She had made one for each of the girls in the family to receive when they got married. She passed away a bit over 7 years ago, and it was a tough loss to the family to lose one of the kindest souls I have ever been blessed to know. I was unaware that this quilt existed, had been tucked away for these years just waiting for me. It was a total surprise to open at my shower, and it was a struggle not to cry right then and there. I’m tearing up a bit now just thinking about it. It was just such an unexpected happy surprise to have a part of her there with me.
My wedding party was/is amazing- coordinating the shower with my sisters, handling prizes and attendance gifts, my matron of honor flying in from Georgia to be there with me, planning surprisingly pain-free shower games, taking care of food, spending way too much time and money on presents, planning my bachelorette party, organizing a photo scavenger hunt, putting my name in twice at the Big Bang after the first song request came up while I was in the bathroom (I have awful timing), buying me drinks all night, wrangling me after aforementioned drinks…
I can’t begin to describe how incredibly lucky and blessed I feel to have such amazing friends and family. I can’t wait to get to celebrate with everyone at the wedding, and I’m excited every time a new RSVP comes in- it’s coming up so soon!


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