Calling Time Out

I want to feel more excitement and less dread, more “I can’t wait for the day to get here!” and less “I can’t wait to get through this”.

I’m at the point where I actively dread certain aspects of wedding stuff: at one point yesterday, I *may* have yelled, “WHAT NOW?!” at my cell phone when the little new email thing popped up. (Just so you know, none of this is bridesmaid related. Just a veritable storm of emails from/to family members since we had to give our final head count yesterday.)

I have to pick up my dress tonight and play a bit with seating arrangements with Mike to figure out how many tables we’ll need/make sure we have enough chair covers/etc- but tomorrow? Tomorrow I am declaring to be a day of nothing wedding related. I am turning off my email notification on my phone, I am not going to be in ANY sort of contact with Mike’s mom, my mom, or my sisters, and I’m going straight home from work to order a pizza and curl up on the couch with Mike to watch a movie and maybe play some video games. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, mayhaps?
I think we both are in desperate need of a day off from it all; I need a break from planning and decision making, and he needs a break from me venting/freaking out about various things. Fingers crossed the day actually goes as planned…


2 thoughts on “Calling Time Out

  1. I still got a few emails and calls that I really did have to respond to that day, but I think the important part is that once I got home from work and Mike and I were hanging out, we just dropped it all. We did things that we had to do early in the day, but then we just didn't talk/vent about it and got to actually enjoy vegging out on the couch with a movie. Success!

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