Comment concerns

There has been a weird glitch with my blogger log-in for awhile now. It will let me post a new blog entry, and will let me read those of my friends….but when I try to post a comment, it puts me through an unending cycle of signing in and hitting ‘post’ without ever actually posting my comments.

Just so you know, I’m still here….creeping on your blogs. I just can’t comment. But I’m commenting in my head, and in my heart (mostly judgements).

EDIT: Sign out of your account, return to blogger, then don’t select the ‘remember me’ or ‘stay signed in’ box when you log back in. Mine is working now- huzzah!


One thought on “Comment concerns

  1. I read that the commenting issue is because of a log-in problem. I was told to log out, go back to blogger to log in, and de-select the box marked 'remember me' or 'stay signed in'. We'll see if this does it!

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