Excess vs. Addiction

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have any legit addictions, with the possible exception of caffeine (only due to withdrawal symptoms). However, I think I use some things to a noticeable excess, and in some cases am nearing the point of dependence.

My iPhone is a prime example. I love this thing, don’t get me wrong. I use it rarely for actual phone calls, but nearly constantly for texting, facebook, twitter, emailing, directions, music, youtube videos, internet browsing, making lists in my notes section, games, looking at pictures…..and so on, and so on. When I’m not messing with my phone, I’m still frequently on the internet, whether I’m at work or on the couch with my computer.

I wouldn’t say that I’m quite as bad as some people when I’m in a group situation. I try to put it aside when I’m actually involved in a social event, though I’m well aware that it doesn’t always stay put away. My phone is typically more of a crutch when I’m alone. I consistently run out of battery on my phone, even though I charge it overnight. I’m not good at doing just one thing at a time any more; if I’m watching tv or a movie, odds are good that I’m checking twitter or playing a game at the same time. Even though side activities take away from what I plan on doing, I grow bored rather quickly if I don’t have at least two things to focus on at the same time.

Thus, I am setting a goal for myself. I am going to do my best to ignore my phone for all of next week.- probably just leaving it in the safe most of the time (Note to self: find my watch). We’ll be in sunny (hopefully) Jamaica, with multiple pools, hot tubs, bars, beach, restaurants, the Dunn’s River Falls, and an assortment of excursions and activities. Not to mention books for reading in the shade on the beach. I’m very much looking forward to diving into a good book or two during the week, vegging out poolside with Mike, and doing something fun and out of the norm. With our opposite schedules, I seldom spend any time outdoors, so I’m also really excited about seeing some sunshine.

It’s been a long time of planning and making calls and fielding emails and questions and invoices and decisions to be made. I actually caught myself having a mild freak out the other day when I found out that our chair cover person hadn’t received the color swatch I’d mailed her for the chair sashes. I thought, “What if it’s the wrong green?!” and then immediately wanted to slap myself, because oh my God, did I really just panic about SHADES OF GREEN? Am I f***ing insane?

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to transition that back into normal life when I get back home, too. It’s summer; I don’t have homework to worry about after work, and I would really like to actually get outside more over the weekends. I need to drag myself away from my phone and my tv and the internet and get back to doing things that are actually fun and not just filler.


One thought on “Excess vs. Addiction

  1. I advocate your phone boycott next week (or I guess in your case it would be a girlcott?) Besides, you'll be having a helluva time…who cares what dumb shit is on FB and Twitter? It'll be there when you get back. However, please use it to take pictures of Jamaica, mon.

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