“Just one more”

I have a problem. A “just one more” problem. It’s always been bad, this inability to limit myself. Lately, it’s gotten even worse. Just one more chip, one more drink, one more episode of a tv show, and then, THEN I’ll get up and be productive. Except that there’s always just…one….more.

SO. I am proposing a new ruling for myself. A September’s resolution, if you will. From now on, when I catch myself thinking “just one more”, I must get up immediately. IMMEDIATELY. And do something, anything, else. At first I thought I could just force myself to stick to that just one more, and not let it turn into eight more. I cannot. I am weak. I am lazy. I really freakin’ love bad tv. And cheese puffs. And Woodchuck Ciders.

I’ll let you know how this goes. But now, I must be off. I am on, I believe, my fourth? How I Met Your Mother episode? It’s not good, y’all. It’s not good.


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