Winding down

I’m coming up on what should be my last week of finals. I still have this terrible feeling that something has been overlooked or will go terribly wrong, keeping me from graduating after this week. It’s been such an unbelievably long, slow, and halting journey. It doesn’t feel like it’s really almost over. It probably won’t feel over until I physically have my diploma in hand (which means I have a bit of a wait, since I have to pay down my final balance with UMSL before they’ll officially issue it). I’ll sigh a very big sigh of relief once this is all actually and officially over….and then panic once student loan bills start rolling in 6 months from now. Seriously…my student debt is a beast, and shall not be vanquished quickly or easily. I still need to update my resume and, you know, find a legit job. I’m just going to be coasting along at my current job for awhile; it’ll be nice to enjoy a bit of down time sans homework and group projects before having to dive into applications and cover letters and interviews. I’m not looking forward to the awkwardness of having arrange leaving work to interview for a new job. I watched part of last night’s SNL. I was disappointed with most of it (Katy Perry as host? Really?), but I always love a Stefon visit. I was not aware until recently that the other writer for the skit likes to change some of the lines right before they go live, so he seems some of this for the first time on the cue cards as he’s performing.

Stefon- SNL

Additionally, SNL reminded me how much I love Robyn (the singer. Not Neathery. Though I love that Robyn, too). I know I posted her video for ‘Dancing On My Own’ on here before, but I don’t think I ever linked to ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. Thanks, SNL, for the reminder. The cats should brace themselves for some indescribably awkward apartment dancing from yours truly in the coming weeks. I’m not going to venture into the backward somersault floor humping territory, but it will still be pretty flamboyantly bizarre. Enjoy!

Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn


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