Walk the Moon

Forgive me. The only way I know to post music here without you having to click 8 million links (because I know you won’t do it, my lazy darlings) is to find a video for the song on youtube and embed it here. For this particular round, it seems that the majority of what I could find of a band were something called ‘7in7’, which are apparently unofficial hand-made, band-made music videos. If anyone has a better suggestion (other than stop blogging, jerks), please let me know. And now, on to the meat of the post!

I’m currently enjoying Walk the Moon’s self-titled album. Here’s their bigger single, “Anna Sun”.

Also check out ‘Shiver Shiver’. It’s catchy enough that I’m willing to overlook them singing, repeatedly, “Shall we get intimate again?” My apologies if you are not so forgiving.

And lastly, ‘Tightrope’:

I was in the market for some upbeat, catchy summer music and this fit the bill. Anyone have any upbeat music suggestions for me? Right now my iPod is like a soundtrack to slit your wrists to.


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