Walk the Moon

Forgive me. The only way I know to post music here without you having to click 8 million links (because I know you won’t do it, my lazy darlings) is to find a video for the song on youtube and embed it here. For this particular round, it seems that the majority of what I could find of a band were something called ‘7in7’, which are apparently unofficial hand-made, band-made music videos. If anyone has a better suggestion (other than stop blogging, jerks), please let me know. And now, on to the meat of the post!

I’m currently enjoying Walk the Moon’s self-titled album. Here’s their bigger single, “Anna Sun”.

Also check out ‘Shiver Shiver’. It’s catchy enough that I’m willing to overlook them singing, repeatedly, “Shall we get intimate again?” My apologies if you are not so forgiving.

And lastly, ‘Tightrope’:

I was in the market for some upbeat, catchy summer music and this fit the bill. Anyone have any upbeat music suggestions for me? Right now my iPod is like a soundtrack to slit your wrists to.



I tend to really enjoy when musicians do covers of crappy popular songs and change it around to make it something new. Like: Whatever You Like (cover by Anya Marina)

I’m nostalgic about my high school metabolism more often than I’m proud of.

If someone were to ever put a hidden camera in my car and catch me singing/dancing along to songs, I think I would be more comfortable starting a whole new life with new friends than just waiting out the embarrassment of people  I know having seen that.

At one point in time today, I found an opened and unfinished NutRageous candy bar on Mike’s desk. I don’t remember when I bought it/how long it’s been sitting there open. I finished it. It was delicious.

I’m not sure how long it’s been since I last shaved my legs. I’m like a woodland creature.

Mike gave me one of his pain killers the night I came home from the dentist after having fillings done. I could easily see myself getting addicted to those. I won’t. Gosh, I just said that I won’t. I can handle my life, people. Back off.

I burned my finger on a curling iron yesterday. I feel a little bit like a hero for how little I’ve complained/whined about it.

If the Glee Project had been around when I was in high school, you can bet your sweet ass I would have seriously considered auditioning. it would have been humiliating/soul crushing, but it just might have happened.

I’m a terrible cook and I’m painfully aware of it, but I’m also incredibly defensive about it.

My nephew Matthew spazzing out in a sugar rush today (he’s just over a year old?) was one of the cutest things ever. I still have no desire to reproduce any time soon.

Sometimes I take work home with me and it just sits in my car overnight/all weekend. I still feel like I’ve accomplished something.

When it comes to our cats, I have a clear and obvious favorite. Here’s looking at you, Captain. Suck it, Eddie. You’re a mean, fat monster.

I pretty much have one single pair of jeans that I wear constantly. I own at least two other pairs that fit great and should be worn, but they’re too long and I’m too lazy to get them hemmed.

I almost never wash my make-up off at night, even thought I’m totally aware of how horrible it is for my skin. I also abhor lotion despite the fact that my skin is getting more and more reptilian.

I can’t keep a secret to save my life (sorry, everyone).

Mike & I haven’t hiked since I posted about hiking. It was a good (two week?) run (slow, clumsy walk).

I genuinely enjoy Hart of Dixie.

I hate Bjork for no real reason. I’m confident that I will never come around.



Strange times

Last Saturday, Mike and I took a hike at Lone Elk Park. We are both severely out of shape, and it was terrifying to see elk close up/blocking the trail entirely.

the first of many

shitty distance shot

All in all, it was a good time. It started raining while we were walking, but we were mostly sheltered by trees. The rain was light until the minute we got back to the parking lot, at which time it started to pour. We drove home through torrential rains, muddy and drenched, but pleased with ourselves for finally getting out of the apartment and getting moving for a change.

also, this happened

We went to the symphony Friday night. It’s not as cultured as it sounds. We went to see Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy. Dorky, I know. It was Mike’s doing, but the music was beautiful. It was a truly bizarre assortment of people/attire. Torn jeans and sloppy t-shirts were everywhere. There were piercings and dye jobs and fatties, oh my! There were very few people actually dressed up as characters. It was one of the few times that Mike and I have been among the nicest dressed people in a place. Again, incredibly dorky, but it was an interesting experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the music. 

Yesterday, I got sucked into Downton Abbey. I didn’t expect to like it, but I’d heard good things. I’m surprisingly into it now.

Today was hike #2. We went out to Castlewood. The weather was much nicer, and the only animals blocking any paths were people’s dogs and the occasional darty lizard. Much more manageable. I’m not sure that I’ll ever be in the kind of shape to not hate at least a few parts of a hike, but I think I’ll get better. We’re going to try to make it a more frequent thing. It’s been nice to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air together. We’ll see.

the hippie, in its natural habitat


This creeped me out more than I can say. They were everywhere:


creepy crawlies

The tilt of the camera seemed that Mike was taking a picture of my chest. This is my suspicious face:


So things have taken an odd turn. Hiking, the symphony, getting hooked on a PBS show. I’m sure it’s just a phase 🙂


I am the boring…

I am the boringest borer who ever dared to bore. Mike has been sick. I have been procrastinating. That is all…FOR NOW. I’m sure this tiny non-update has thrilled you all to no end. You’re welcome. I’m a giver; this is what I do.


Yes, I am aware that this will be the 3rd time that I will have posted a link to a Robyn video. This one’s special, though. Familiar with Taran Killam of SNL (and Scrubs)? Then behold!


Winding down

I’m coming up on what should be my last week of finals. I still have this terrible feeling that something has been overlooked or will go terribly wrong, keeping me from graduating after this week. It’s been such an unbelievably long, slow, and halting journey. It doesn’t feel like it’s really almost over. It probably won’t feel over until I physically have my diploma in hand (which means I have a bit of a wait, since I have to pay down my final balance with UMSL before they’ll officially issue it). I’ll sigh a very big sigh of relief once this is all actually and officially over….and then panic once student loan bills start rolling in 6 months from now. Seriously…my student debt is a beast, and shall not be vanquished quickly or easily. I still need to update my resume and, you know, find a legit job. I’m just going to be coasting along at my current job for awhile; it’ll be nice to enjoy a bit of down time sans homework and group projects before having to dive into applications and cover letters and interviews. I’m not looking forward to the awkwardness of having arrange leaving work to interview for a new job. I watched part of last night’s SNL. I was disappointed with most of it (Katy Perry as host? Really?), but I always love a Stefon visit. I was not aware until recently that the other writer for the skit likes to change some of the lines right before they go live, so he seems some of this for the first time on the cue cards as he’s performing.

Stefon- SNL

Additionally, SNL reminded me how much I love Robyn (the singer. Not Neathery. Though I love that Robyn, too). I know I posted her video for ‘Dancing On My Own’ on here before, but I don’t think I ever linked to ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. Thanks, SNL, for the reminder. The cats should brace themselves for some indescribably awkward apartment dancing from yours truly in the coming weeks. I’m not going to venture into the backward somersault floor humping territory, but it will still be pretty flamboyantly bizarre. Enjoy!

Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn

Same old, same old

I haven’t written anything in awhile. I guess I haven’t really felt like I have anything to say. School is annoying, but close to being done. Work is…terrible, most of the time, but hopefully I’ll find something to move on to soon enough-ish. I hate the cold weather. My cats are annoying. Same old, same old.

The only thing that has changed lately is Mike’s job. He’s now working for the same company as me, but in a different building. The job has better pay and benefits, which is great. He was a temp at his last job for awhile, waiting to be hired on as a full-time employee, so there was no health insurance, sick days, vacation; pretty much just the hourly pay. He liked the company and the work (most of the time), but this new job just fell in his lap and was too good of an opportunity to pass over. The best part of the new job is his schedule. He’s now working Monday through Friday….10 am to 6 pm. It’s fantastic. It’s the first time since we’ve been together that we’ve been on a similar work schedule. It’s been a big transition (just sleeping at the same time was a new thing for us), but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I get to spend time with him on the weekends, and he actually gets to spend time with his/our friends again. All is well there. There’s a huge danger of me becoming even more obnoxiously clingy, but I’m going to leave it to him to let me know when to back off. As it is, I sit as close as I can to him on our mega-couch and occasionally put my face on his face. I’m both awkward AND needy, so this is a huge double-win for Mike.

My sister Amy is doing a couch to 5k thing. It’s weird, she’s never been much of a runner. She was involved in sports when we were younger, but has been more of a long hours at the office person than a health conscious exerciser. On Thanksgiving day, she got up early to go for a run and then read the paper while I slept in and then nursed a hangover. It made me question my priorities a little. Just a little, though. Not enough to do anything about it yet. Or possibly ever.

I think I need to fling myself into Christmas mode. I hate winter weather, with the cold and the bleak and the leaving work in the dark every night and the sadness. But I love twinkly lights, the fresh tree smell, the ornaments. Heck, even the music. And the movies….oh, the movies. Even the ones that aren’t Christmas movies but just have a brief Christmas scene buried somewhere in them. The Harry Potter movies have become Christmas movies to me. Mike just started reading the books for the first time, so we’ve been watching each one as he finishes the book.

My car is a sloppy mess. I like to think of it less as shaking and more as the car just can’t hold in its excitement, so it’s dancing ALL THE TIME. What can I say? I’m just an optimist like that. (Or it hurts my soul, so I have to put a positive spin on it.)

I hope nobody non-family is getting me a Christmas present, for they will be disappointed in the lack of reciprocation. It’s not that I’m just a grinch, but I’m still working on paying off the balance of my UMSL bill that wasn’t covered by loans so that the issuance of my diploma won’t be held up too much. It’s a bit of a priority. So suck it, non-family. You will get nothing from me but snark, and maybe a hug if I’m in a really good mood or if you’re someone I’ve known since high school.

My friendship hug dynamic is odd. I don’t think it signifies any sort of divide between groups of friends and various levels of closeness. I think I just hug people who I’ve known since I was younger and hugs were the norm. I’d feel weird hugging most of the people I’ve friended in the last 8ish years. I think it would be awkward, and we’d do that acquaintance hug thing where we’re leaning in while keeping our bodies as far from each other as possible while still technically being in a hug stance. Also, I hug my sister Amy’s husband, but I don’t think I’ve ever once hugged Cindy’s husband. To be fair, I also once told my mom that I thought Cindy’s husband could secretly be a serial killer because something just felt off about him, so it’s no surprise that we’re not on hugging terms, since 1.) he knows I said that and 2.) it’s best to keep both distance and constant vigilance.

I’m still totally befuddled by people who go shopping on Black Friday. I know people who went, people who I would usually describe as intelligent people, so I know those hoards of rabid sales hunters aren’t comprised entirely of monsters masquerading as conservative spenders. I’m not sure what it is about the promise of a discounted toaster that riles people up into an all our shopping/trampling/batshit crazy frenzy, but it’s terrifying. It makes me sad for humanity. And since I’m contributing SO very much to humanity, what with my excessive tv watching and my drinking weekends and my iPhone addiction, I get to harp on it. Yes. Shh. It’s happening.

I still haven’t taken any steps to bridge that enormous divide between my goals/aspirations and my actual current status. I’m a very harsh critic of myself, and spend a weird amount of time replaying in my head stupid things I’ve said to people, mean things I shouldn’t have done, dumb mistakes I’ve made to end up where/who I am in life…but I continue to just sweep it all under the rug and go about my business come Monday morning. I’d like to say that’s all going to change, but I’m slowly learning my lessons about making broad sweeping statements about all the changes that I’m going to make RIGHT NOW and all at once and the disappointment that inevitably follows those statements.

I feel like I should apologize personally to Adele for the singing that occurred in my car today to ‘Turning Tables’. I’d  say it won’t happen again, but I don’t want to lie to her. Hasn’t she been through enough without my broken promises?

One of the comedians I follow on Twitter has been live-tweeting his Netflix viewings of Felicity. It’s been pretty great for me. I love that he established a “Can we talk?” count and occasionally tweets the actors who played Ben and Noel with various “concerns”. He’s either doing One Tree Hill or True Blood next.

I’m going to try to recreate my brief phone boycott from the honeymoon for awhile. I have no intentions of cutting down my use of it when I’m alone, but I’m going to leave it in my purse when I’m with other people. It’s one thing to check messages if they come in, check the time on occasion, reply to Mike if he’s not with me, etc. I’ve always had a problem putting it aside to just be truly present in whatever environment in. However, I’ve turned a corner and become an all-out, totally obnoxious, constantly checking things iPhone mega-douche. If I’m at a party with people or spending time with Mike, I need to put that shit down (as entertaining/funny as the Felicity live-tweet may be). Fingers crossed?